Whether you’re totally new to the world of Internet radio, or you’ve been listening on your computer for years, getting Central Coast LIVE! Radio on your car radio is surprisingly easy. In fact, some cars now come with this functionality already installed.

We use this FM Transmitter in our cars and it sounds great! Get it on Amazon HERE for $17.99!

However, if your car lacks expensive stereos and integrated systems there is no need to worry as there are FM transmitters you can use that are very budget friendly. FM Transmitters plug directly into your cigarette lighter. You then tether your phone or tablet into the transmitters 3.5mm auxiliary input or via Bluetooth. Set your car radio to an unused FM station and match that frequency on your FM transmitter and voîla! You’ll be listening to Central Coast LIVE! Radio through your cars stereo system!

How Much Data Will I Use By Listening to Central Coast LIVE! Radio In My Car?

Since listening to Central Coast LIVE! Radio on your car radio requires a phone with a data connection, mobile data will be consumed while tuning into our Internet-based radio station. However, the amount of data used is very lightweight, to the point where listening to one hour of Central Coast LIVE! Radio would only eat through about 28.8 MB of data. At that rate, you could listen to more than an hour each day all month before cracking a 1 GB data plan.

If mobile data use is a big concern, some carriers offer data plans where content streamed from certain providers doesn’t count against your limit. So if your provider offers a plan like that, or you’re willing to switch, you can listen to as much in your car as you like without worrying about going over your data limit.

What are you waiting for? Pick up an FM Transmitter and take Central Coast LIVE! Radio on the road!