Brad Golden is dreaming. Dreaming of streaming that is, as his company Central Coast LIVE! brings new media platforms to local musicians on the California Central Coast.


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Central Coast LIVE! on 805conversations!

We are very excited to have had the opportunity to meet with Mark Sylvester, Ambassador for 805connect of Santa Barbara and host of an excellent podcast program called, “805conversations“.

805connect is a comprehensive database created to provide an official directory and networking platform to connect all of the businesses in the 805 area code. More than a simple business directory, 805connect provides a single place for public entities, private organizations, businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profits, as well as educational institutions to have visibility and connect within the regional business community. It is designed to give you insight into the people behind the businesses in the region. Listen to the podcast below.



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CALLING ALL BANDS: A new company is hoping to broadcast 805 music to the world at large, and they’re looking for musicians to help heed the call. Central Coast Live! is a start-up beginning a quest of local exposure, fixing their lens on regional acts to stream live performances on Friday and Saturday nights. They have already hosted acts like Rio Salinas, ZZAH, and Prestige and are looking to expand their roster of performers. In an era when localization is the new globalization, this sounds like a great way to showcase the shockingly huge number of acts created within the Tri-County region. Interested artists can submit via centralcoastlive.com.



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