HD-Gear-HighlightTake a stroll down Main Street in Templeton, California and you get sense of the old west, with much of the architecture and business signage resembling times past. When you arrive at 211 S. Main Street, you’ll find Matt’s Music Stage and School a bright yellow house that reaches out to passers by Matt Teaching Studentsand invites them in to peruse an amazingly comprehensive collection of musical instruments and accessories for sale. If you’re inclined to learn how to play, you’ll find the county’s finest instructors giving lessons in several side rooms in the house.

Matt has been in the music biz for many years and has a broad base of knowledge to draw from when customers have questions and the store also offers instrument repairs when the need arises.

Matts Music Wall SculptureThe store sits close to the front of a sizable property close to the street and as you walk down the north side of the building to the rear, you’ll find a creative sculpture hanging on the wall where various, old instruments have been assembled into a configuration to spell out the word, “MUSIC”. Walking further back, you’ll find a stage area where Matt hosts concerts and jam sessions with local artists.Matt's Music Stage

Matt is spearheading a new fundraising program benefiting the Templeton High School Performing Arts Center through hosting benefit concerts. Watch the video above to learn more about Matt’s program and how you get involved support music in our local schools.

211 S. Main Street, Templeton, CA 93465